Benefits for Small Businesses and the Self-Employed

Fraud Protection

  • Real-time monitoring of registered debit or credit cards
  • Early warning technology that monitors various chat rooms where thieves are selling and trading stolen credit and debit card numbers
  • Notification within 24 hours via email if any suspicious activity has been detected
  • If needed, a personal caseworker is assigned to provide guidance and answer important questions regarding any compromised data.
  • Can register up to 10 debit or credit cards

Lead Generation Tools

  • Members save 20% off the retail price on the purchase of sales leads and mailing lists.
  • Search over 250 million consumers by geography, income, age, gender and more
  • Have access to databases including new homeowners, new movers, new businesses, and medical doctors & facilities.

Web Hosting and Design Discounts

  • Unlimited website pages and product list
  • 200 email accounts, auto responders, forwarders and catch-all email
  • Email anti-virus/ anti-spam
  • Store setup wizard and building tools
  • 800 + Unique designs
  • More than 15,000 template options
  • Photo retouching & editing
  • Set-up a complete online store
  • And much more!

Online Data Backup

  • Back up personal data files and critical business data easily and securely.
  • Receive 15% off the annual membership.
  • Choose from two simple, secure, and affordable data back up solutions.

Health Insurance - Online

The one-stop online health insurance solution that makes it easy to find and apply for the health insurance plan that is right for business owners . Members have immediate access to:

  • Affordable health insurance quotes.
  • Side by side plan comparisons.
  • Choices so they can select a plan that meets their needs and budget.
  • Convenient online application process.
  • Should members have questions, a team of highly trained representatives awaits to assist with the process of selecting and buying health insurance.

Merchant Card Processing

Members receive complete point-of sale (POS) card authorization and settlement services to best suit their business needs. All major credit cards supported. Every national debit card network supported. Competitive VISA® and MasterCard® processing rates. Flexible lease or purchase options for the latest technological equipment. Reliable, fast and accurate settlement of funds. $15 charge-back fee. Customer and terminal support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Flexible reporting available. Local representation.

Technical Support

  • Unlimited, automated backup of files, photos, music, e-mail and other information on PCs
  • Assistance setting up the backup system, including a tutorial showing everything member needs to know about his backup solution
  • Expert management of member's system to ensure automated backups are being performed and any problems are resolved
  • Assistance with restoring or retrieving files from the backup system. All files are backed up to secure, encrypted data storage centers.

Postage Discounts

The digital mailing system with its built-in scale allows for the weighing of envelopes and calculating of postage at the touch of a button. Get exact postage every time – no guesswork. Even print promotional messages on envelopes!

Office Supplies and Equipment Discounts

Save up to 70% (off of manufacturer’s list price) on over 12,000 office items such as:

  • Office Supplies
  • Furniture
  • Technology

Even earn free next-day shipping on orders over $50!

Telecommunication Discounts

Receive the best rate available on:

  • Local phone lines.
  • DSL Internet Access.
  • Long Distance Service - with a low-price guarantee from the nation’s leading telecommunication carriers!

Collection Assistance on NSF Checks

Plan helps track and collect “bad check” funds and deposits them directly to the business owner’s business account. Business owner will receive:

  • Full face value of the collected check.
  • Up to $3 of their financial institution’s returned check fee.

Internet Fax Service

Member-only discounted rates enable a business owner to send or receive faxes via email from anywhere at any time. Eliminates need for extra phone lines, modems, fax machines, paper and toner. And ensures the small business never misses an opportunity because their fax machine wasn’t working properly!

Document Management Software

Members receive 20% off on software that enables them to scan and electronically store contracts, invoices, checks, payments, and other important paperwork online, with links available within QuickBooks for quick and easy tracking and access. Spend less time copying and filing and more time growing the business.

Automated NSF Collection Service

Members can increase their collections on NSF payments they receive from their customers by up to 85%. Business collects 100% of the face value on each check collected. Eliminates time spent on collections, eliminates incremental NSF fees from the bank, and significantly increases recovery chances.

Remote Deposit

Discounted rates on equipment and transaction fees that allow business to scan, calculate deposits and electronically submit checks for deposit via ACH network. Ensures funds are deposited and available to the business faster, with fewer security risks, less chance of manual error.

PC Security Software

49% of companies have had a PC stolen in the last month. A business’s computer holds infinite data critical to the success of the business and their customer’s privacy. Plan provides free software that enables a business to store documents on a secure drive on the computer invisible to hackers or thieves. And when a thief tries to use the computer without the proper authentication the member is notified of the security violation, the data is encrypted and hidden, and a GPS signal is silently transmitted allowing the PC to be tracked and located by authorities, recovering the PC, while protecting all the data.

PC Virus Protection

Reimburses members for software and hardware damaged or destroyed as a result of PC Viruses.

Remote Technical Support

  • Qualified, award-winning technicians are standing by to solve challenges large or small including software installation, operating system issues, PC maintenance, virus & spyware issues, drivers, printers, scanners, Internet, E-mail, and much, much more.
  • Members save up to 70% off services.
  • 24/7/365 Remote Technical Support
  • Telephone & Internet based support

Online Support

Technical support, repair, installations, upgrades or training is provided by licensed, certified, rated technicians who travel to the geographic location of the technology being served.

  • Members save up to 70% off services.
  • 10,000+ licensed, trained and insured technicians
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Next business or same day service
  • Repairs, installs, networking, and upgrades for hardware, software, peripherals, printers, scanners, PDA’s, home theatres and much more

Tech Store

State –of-the-art, eCommerce store offering the most popular products at rock-bottom prices

  • Up to 70% off MSRP
  • Over 100,000 items available (Computers, monitors, software, digital cameras, mp3 players, printers, TVs, keyboards, memory, servers, toner and much more)
  • Top Brands


FREE access to unlimited, instant, automated, simple to use teleconferencing. No computer or Internet access required for placing calls.

Free teleconferencing for up to 96 simultaneous callers
No time limits
No scheduling required

Technology Assessment

Free technology assessment designed to improve, optimize and safeguard the computing experience. The assessment not only generates customized recommendations but also provides logical, easy-to-follow, next steps. For businesses with more than 8 computers or a server based environment, a live specialist conducts the assessment and provides a detailed, written report based on a custom or series of custom interviews. Free assessment covers hardware, software, security, networking, email, passwords, and performances.