ID Theft, Financial, Legal

Financial Advice

Plan handles questions about financial assessments, credit and debt analysis, bankruptcy, planning for retirement, savings for childrens' college educations, IRA’s,  pension plans, etc. Members have unlimited access to a qualified financial planner who will give unbiased advice on these matters and more.

Legal Advice

Plan provides small business owners and their families with unlimited face-to-face or phone consultations with licensed attorneys for all their personal and business matters. In addition to free initial consultations, there are 10 additional basic services provided FREE, guaranteed discounted rates on common services, a guaranteed low $125 hourly rate and discounts on contingency fees.

Tax Advice

Plan provides expert tax advice on both personal and business matters, conveniently and instantly by phone – absolutely free. An experienced, professional tax specialist (accountants, former IRS auditors) will analyze each member's tax situation, and recommend a course of action plus provide a FREE Personal Tax Return ($150 Value) and 50% off the usual rates for corporate returns.

Up to $1,000 in Emergency Cash

If credit cards are lost or stolen and the member is 100 miles or more from home, call us and we will wire up to $1000 (depending on available credit limit on a VISA or MasterCard) to the nearest Western Union office.

Identity Protection

A one-stop website for fraud and identity protection news & education; Learn tips to stay protected from the latest fraud scams, trends, & tactics. Quizzes, news articles, resource links, & pod casts continuously updated. E-newsletter alerts when new articles and resources are posted.

Fraud Protection

This program uses proprietary web crawling technology and dedicated experts to find member credit/debit card information that has been compromised online, including: Unsecured e-commerce web sites and worldwide identity theft chat-rooms for the trading and selling of cardholder information. Provides notification of data breaches or stolen information. Real-time, online monitoring of exposed credit card and debit card numbers. E-notification within minutes of detection of suspicious activity to help prevent fraudulent charges before they occur.

Fraud Assistance

The Fraud Assistance service provides members with access to a highly trained team of specialists who are ready to provide assistance to victims of identity theft. This comprehensive service is designed to help with the hassle of clearing a member's  good name. Members will receive the following services:

  • Unparalleled Support: Highly trained identity theft specialists are on call to guide individuals through the fraud resolution process.
  • Personal Caseworker: Identity theft victims will be assigned a caseworker who guides them through the process of restoring their identity profiles and credit records.
  • Personalized Fraud Resolution Kit: Receive a personalized binder that includes educational information, government agency contact information, an activity log to track the case, personalized letters to send to credit bureaus and financial institutions as well as instructions on how to file a police report and how to place fraud alerts with credit bureaus.

Triple-Bureau Credit Reports

Receive up-to-date credit reports and credit scores from all three major credit reporting agencies — Experian, Equifax and TransUnion — in one consolidated report. Combined, a member's credit report and credit score provide a valuable picture of his overall credit standing and help him to identify critical errors in his personal financial data. Credit reports are one of the best keys of managing credit and discovering whether an identity has been stolen. They contain listings of credit cards, loans, bank accounts, collections, inquiries and a host of other financial and personal information that is registered in a member's name. By examining and comparing credit reports on a regular basis, a member can keep tabs on his overall credit and identify suspicious activity that may indicate his identity has been compromised. A member’s credit score is an indicator of his financial health and the risk that he poses to lenders. Companies rely on credit scores to determine whether to lend money and to set the interest rates borrowers pay. Knowing his credit score can provide a member with a strong advantage when seeking a loan or negotiating the terms of his payments.

Credit Alert

With 24-hour, daily credit monitoring, members will be alerted automatically of certain negative changes to their credit. While it can’t prevent identity theft, Credit Alert can greatly reduce its impact by allowing members to minimize the damage. In the unfortunate event a member receives notification of a negative change, he’ll be provided with access to the Credit Information Hotline. The hotline is staffed with trained individuals ready to provide answers to commonly asked questions. If there are no changes to his credit, he'll receive a quarterly notification letting him know that nothing has changed. Each member’s initial enrollment in Credit Alert will be valid for one year with an option to re-enroll at no additional cost!

Identity Theft Programs

By calling us, a member will be connected to a Customer Care Consultant who can assist him in the event of an unfortunate occurrence and provide tips to help reduce the odds of becoming a victim of identity theft.


This legal and financial referral plan provides members with access to qualified attorneys and financial professionals. Each member is entitled to a free 30-minute consultation for up to three separate legal or financial matters per year. In the event a member decides to retain the attorney after the consultation, he will be provided with a preferred rate reduction of 25% from the attorney’s normal hourly rate. Virtually all types of legal and financial matters are eligible for these services.